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Spa in bangalore helps me achieve my career goals

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I am a spa manager at the radisson blu hotel in bangalore. i have more than 18 experience in the spa industry, with a particular focus on the luxury spa segment. i have started my career in the spa industry at the lemon tree hotel. after seven years there, i have participated in a “black belt-exchange programme” to improve my language skills for 3 months. do you know, how i got information about the program, from the online portal – spa in bangalore. i have used it for finding a job and one day i came across this program on the portal and decided to join it.

i then started to work as a spa sales consultant at the radisson blu hotel and other wellness hotels in bangalore. in 2003, i became spa receptionist at radisson blu hotel, spa supervisor in 2006, and spa manager in 2009.

after getting a degree in hotel and tourism management, i quickly saw how much the spa industry starting to grow and decided to move into that field. i started in the wellness industry with an internship at the brand new “wellness castle” at the 5-star hotel. this was 16 years ago.

during my career, i have held a few roles: wellness-spa receptionist and manager, consultant, sales consultant, supervisor, receptionist, and currently spa manager. the first job of receptionist, i have found through the spa in bangalore portal and then based on my performance and experience, i got a promotion.

but the hardest challenge i have had in my career is to get motivated and engage with the team that works together, especially given the different cultures and the myth that you work with several contract workers. nevertheless, i have learned that patience and constantly supporting the team, pay off. and now i am proud to say that i have succeeded in building a fantastic team at the radisson blu hotel.

if you ask what professional achievement i am proud of and why? i would say being awarded as the best spa consultant in bangalore at the age of 28, becoming spa manager while having to move to a new state and learn a new language to do so. i have also seen an increase in revenue and profit for the radisson blu hotel in a notable way over the past few years. and growing supporting the lives of clients whom i have found throughspa in bangalore portal.

the best part of working in the wellness industry is extremely rewarding because we help people improve and change their lives, giving advice and motivating them to open their minds to different ideas. the spa in bangalore portal allows me to work in the most beautiful places, meet interesting people, and take holistic and spiritual themes.

if you are also thinking to start a career in the spa and wellness industry, the one advice i would like to give is, study and learn all you can about it, be creative, and open to different ways of thinking and observe what the people need to do to recharge, relax, and live a healthier lifestyle. you must be able to give a great commitment and professionalism to your work, after all, you are treating the most important part of a person: the health of a human being!!

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